stupid ceramah


today i m not going to sch
bcus i m late wake up tis morning
too tired until i dono the time ordy
haizz relii tired yesterday
yesterday when i m go bck home
i ordii go 2 sleep
oso didnt online warr
no renew my blog too lorhz
bcus of tat stupid SEJARAH CERAMAH
3 hour at thr
n we had do ntG
oso no hearing no note down
coSs damn hot n bored
relii feel sleepy at thr
i gt try to slep bt can't
hw 2 slep? so hot ya
and then teacher will scold
cos i saw somebody slep n been scold
relii boring so i talking vf my laopo them lor
tat cikgu Chai come over me here n scold me lor
wad ever= =
tis ceramah so lamE


n we wait until 4pm
juz cn bck
n my mummy was late coming
make me more tired=.=
nvm lar so i go play vf my frens them
crazy our
owes do something tat reli crazy
we go 2 Kacau some ppl
make he paiseh
opps>< we relii a crazy n mad jorr
finally my mum was coming
den i go bck home lor
finish bathing den i go slep lurr
no more mood n energy to do anythings
dun wan go wad lame ceramah anymore

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