stupid ceramah


today i m not going to sch
bcus i m late wake up tis morning
too tired until i dono the time ordy
haizz relii tired yesterday
yesterday when i m go bck home
i ordii go 2 sleep
oso didnt online warr
no renew my blog too lorhz
bcus of tat stupid SEJARAH CERAMAH
3 hour at thr
n we had do ntG
oso no hearing no note down
coSs damn hot n bored
relii feel sleepy at thr
i gt try to slep bt can't
hw 2 slep? so hot ya
and then teacher will scold
cos i saw somebody slep n been scold
relii boring so i talking vf my laopo them lor
tat cikgu Chai come over me here n scold me lor
wad ever= =
tis ceramah so lamE


n we wait until 4pm
juz cn bck
n my mummy was late coming
make me more tired=.=
nvm lar so i go play vf my frens them
crazy our
owes do something tat reli crazy
we go 2 Kacau some ppl
make he paiseh
opps>< we relii a crazy n mad jorr
finally my mum was coming
den i go bck home lor
finish bathing den i go slep lurr
no more mood n energy to do anythings
dun wan go wad lame ceramah anymore



i hate alone
i hate u didnt be my side
i hate lonely
i hate sad
i hate cry
i hate u din care me
Damn hate UUUUU




I Promise


I promise i will get new lifE after without u
I promise i wont cry 4 u again
I promise i will 4get u
I promise i will hapiii everyday
I promise i will be fine even without u
I promise i will not thinking of u again
I promise i wont miss u again
I promise i will smile everyday even do u didnt be my side
I promise i wont wait 4 ur answer again
I promise i wont put u into my heart again
I promise i will forgive u
I promise i will bcome more strong if compare to b4

I promise

I promise

I promise

I promise!!!!!!!!!




my mum offday


today is wednesday
oso my mum's offday
mean today she didnt work lor
so didnt on9 jus nw
bcus we go out together until nw
jus come bck lorr
jus nw we go the shop tat was new open in today
in pasar thr
near APOLLO seafood thr
go thr 4 0urr lunch
stil oKie larhz
not verri nice oso not verrri bad XP
after tat we go 2 Starbookstore again
enjoy enjOy~
read comic[My hoBBy]
at thr a few hour ya

after tat we go eat dinner lor
go my mum'frens shop
Y we keep eating????
hahazz~ wan bcome more FAT?
den i saw the meSsage frm ah ming
she come Bck miri ordiii
n she ask me wan go 4 chung hua concert or not
chung hua concert in tis saturday worr
everyone must go 2 support it
bt i din go lar
cos no transport
stupid~tis is the disadvantaged tat we duno drive larr
must early go listen law n study driving
but actually reli expensive now warr
overall wan RM1000++
i m poor galzz
no money ya
y so expensive gerr???

Normal day


actually today is a normal day lerr
ntG special
so i oso dunNo wad i wan to write lerr
quite lazy n No mooD recently
my LuBbly subjeT-CHEMISTRY
onlii Get 15 marks
i think it is the lowest marks 4 me
OMG..!! when i get it tiS newS
i reLiiii feel wan cry N diED
hw come can get the lowest maRkss like tat?
i gt study hard o in chemistry
duNo y~

dun wan say abt the Exam ordiii
so sad abt tat
say somethingss hapiiiiiiii
tat sunday i go gai gai vf saraka err
so hapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii XD
we go watch movie warr
"THE WEDDING GAME" tis is singapore movie
not verrri niCe larr bt still okiE
when finish the movie we go starbuckss to drink lorr
so expensive warr But i lubb it My dRinks -Ice lattae
So nice warr but goT a bit bitter larr buT i like it
and den we keep walking n shopping arouNd lor
NTG special ger MIRI too small ><
me n saraka keep taking pic lorr still hvt upload
i orDy say lor
Damn lazy recently
we gai gai until 5pm++ arr
Saraka' mum fetch me bck lerr
hehe thx thx~
yesterday i sleep at 3am++
so so so so so TIRED warhz
bcuss me chatting vf alvis in mSN lor
we chat so manni things woh
haha We arE KEPO gang >.<
today dun wan anymore
make me tired=.=
ltr sayaka bcome a big panda in MIRI

yesterday n today


Yesterday i dun hv renew my blog,so today i write wad i m happen in yesterday lorh....
yesterday i go out vf my mum was early....
9am:we wake up n go bath
10am:we go fetch my LOVEly grandma
11am:we go eat our"Breakfast" haha^^
after tat we go to imperial to shopping....
at imperial my mum saw many blouse tat R cheap n nice....
then we try all the blouse tat we choose lorr....
but the sales assistant owess look at our...duno Y...bluRr=.=
after tat we go to pay lor...waLao A !!!! My grandma n my mum buy so many warr....
N me buy one singlet onliii ya~PITY~
yesterday verrri haPiiii lar.....after we buy the blouse,we go see the shoes...
but verrrrri X1000 timess expensive o....N oso no nice we didnt buy^^
after tat we go to CD shop.....actually we wan looking arOund Nia....
bt ii saw the"ONE MILLION STAR" for the february i buy nice!!!!must support....
hahah...wan final ordiiiii...nw is TOP 7 jorr loRrr....LING HONG MING& SUN BI NA gambateh...
afetr we finish shopping at imperial,we go to star bookstore to enjoy ourr tea break.....
eat many n many foods ya...haha^^ more fat compare to b4 lurr><
after tat my mum wan working our go bck home lorr....
But when i wan online at home,the line is verrrrri LOW.....owes cnt connected....T_T
so i didnt renew blog yesterday i sekali gus write in today....wakaka.....
haizzz....yesterday reliii a HAPIIIII DAY o.......
if compare to yesterday,today reli is a unlucky day lorrr....y????
bcus i m quarrel vf my mum again......haizz,reli 'shoi".....haha^.^
ermmm,she owess say all is mine wrong....
owes ask my if my opinion is wrong,den she willl scold me
but y u wan ask me...???I m jus a kid...i not reliiii mature in my OTAK....
so sometimes i reliii can't gv u the rite opinion.....but after u think my opinion is wrong
den u will scold me n say all is my wrong....i reliiii dono y wan to say like tat
or i m not ur daugther???y owes scold me n punish me????M i wrong for giving u wrong opinion?
i can't thinking anymore,i jus feel so sad....
BUT i relii hate sad feeling....BUT i hate myself more...y wan owess cry?y cnt be strong?
i owess ask myself like tat...i knw i can do it...BUT i didnt go to do tiss....
so start frm today i wan to RESTART....i wan be more strong...cannot owes cry.....owess sad
hehe^^+ you.......god bless me....

Memory between me n ming


Me N ming in My baobeii laptop

is the second day tat ah ming go KL jorr lurr

DaMN BORING ya miss her warrr

if not nobody accompany me go gai gai

n to do CRAZY thingss lor^^

Miss ourr memory ya~we r the best FReNN f0rr 7 years ordiii

I hope we can be a best fRenn togeTher worr

~~~ 7 years frenship foreveRR~~~

muahaha......our frenshIiip start frm primary 5 until now lor

actually we r not a fren when i

start study at ah ming class

bcuss i owes hear many ppl say tats she is a BAD GAL

muahaha...been shocked???

after me go be fren vf her i realize tat she is not a BAD GaL

jus onliii ah ming nt verri close vf other fren

n she not owess many ppl scaREd her

N owess talking BaD at her bacKk

bt i din dO tat larr bcuss i knw shirley is not a like them saying

after tat we go tution together

i more knw her again

i jus knw she r the gal so good,owess helping me

but i reLii dono Y manii Ppl wan owess saying her'bad

or taTsS ppl never do soMething bad

dUn say mine siSdarr again

GET OUT of ourr life


n so Ngam is if our last name comBinnE tat will be shirley full name

yit [Hui] + hui [Ming ]

den Willl bcome HUI MING lorr...

tat is shirley chinese full name lorr

n ourr english name oso Ngam nGam~haha

Shirley & Sayaka=SS/$$

haha^^duno is ngam or destiny..??

so we be a good fren start vf that funny thingss

until now lurr

i think she r the onlii 1 fren Tat reLiii knw me,understand me

MUackSss^.^ ming

we must travel togeter many n Many jorney

we must shaRe aLl our experience in ouR life

we must forever uNtil we Die scarey warr...unTil die~

LOVE uu [My best sisdaR]






你 在谈恋爱,却不确定对方的想法;你觉得你们很合适,他好像不以为然;
岂能同行 呢?”有时候会有一方爱另一方较多的情形,若是在健全的感情中,
但如果有一方总是扮演追求者,这样的感 情不健全,长久下去,你会对爱饥渴,

你 爱的是对方的潜力,而不是对方真正的样子,你爱的是对方未来可能的样子,
如果对方五 十年内都不会改变,你会满意吗?如果你一直希望能改变对方,
要爱和尊重 对方的本相,而不是他未来的样子,你可以期望他继续成长,

你 常觉得对方很可怜吗?你觉得自己有责任帮助对方振作起来吗?
“救难狂”不会去 找一个合适的对象,而是找一个他所同情、可以帮助的对象。
他会对你心生感激,这样的感情像是 一项救援任务,而不是健全、
你必须以对方为荣,你的伴侣不要你的救援,而是要 你真正了解他。




七、 为了叛逆才选择这对象父母老是跟你强调,要找个有钱的对象.
偏偏你每个女朋友都很随便;从小父亲就 耳提面命,传香火是最重要的事,
偏偏你的女朋友不是不能生,就是不想生…… 如果你所选的对象,
当你不能控制自己的选择,你并不是真心爱对方,这段感情注定没有结 果。

但他想跟你在一起 一阵子;或是他刚分手,但可能破镜重圆……,


Sayaka copy frm Yen yeN

2morro ah ming go KL


this pic i m take in 2day o...and den i go stil ok...???haha^^
haizzz~tomollo ah ming go KL vf Family luuuRr.....leave me alone....><
Ah MIng Family MeMberr=her dad,her mum,her sister,her sister'bf,her litter brother n ah MinNg herself lurrR...thr go KL for 1 week....wan come bck when start sch....
T__T....i wil miss her ya in this 1 week....oioi~dun foRget buy present 4 me owH...wakaka^^aFter tat day i m quarrel vf winnie, we never talk or she suDdenly find me to say sORRi n she say gv me the chance to go Taman Similajau in BINTULU....bcus she din go so she gv tat chance to go....i say n ned the ChanCee Tat she gv.....(izit me R bad)??? i reli no neeD anybody gv me the chance....i wan go use by Myself...stil gt another competition in tat 1 club one competition is add math QUIZ....difficult Err...i dono addmaTH....never minDdd...i use go do revisiOnn.....^^ADDMATH!!! u waiting 4 me lar....wan destroy u....muahaha

Today i wan crazy jorr


today i reli wan crazy jorr...u knoww Y...???
bcuss of........MY IDOL wan come Miri larr....

i wait for him long time ordiii....frm last year wait until nw....

he wil come on next month.....who r the cheezy(kit's fanss) must go to support him....jus bcoss Of tis news So i wan crazy ordiii....

mmuahaha....must saving money frm nw....

to buy a new album n i wan the signature....kakaxx~~i support kit long time ordii....frm i m primary 6 until nw....

after he break frm the group-BUDDY....he r restart nw....

gt a new album....(A moment like this)
realLi veRRri nice....everyone cn go listen...a good album n nice song....
Plzz support him warr^^

I lose everything include my frenss n competition


No mood now....!
jus nw i had lose my mate n sc club de competition-Tresure hunt
u know Y i will lose?jus bcus oF..................
ourr dun hv study BIOLOGY.....
bcuss thrr ask the question about bio...but ourr 5S3 din hv study bio
so we duno the answer lor
n den winnie go away frm ourr group,she go 2 xiang fen thr group...
left me n pauline n the form 4 student....hw thr know abt form 5 bio o
so tis is the main reason we lose....ourr group nobody knw abt bio....
haizzz....sad lar....abt winnie tat....we quarrel jorr after tat...
n lose the competition so i cant go 2 Taman similajau at bintulu lar...
no mood no mood!!!
juz now i chatting vf Thomas he said he oso quarrel vf frenss
haizz y we 2 wil like tis ger?
cant thinking of anything jorr....
ordii HOLIDAY....stil dun hv any plan in tis lar~do correction
abt the sejarah de....30 time err....
many is a "black friday
means unlucky friday....

LuBbb my school LiFe


I luBb my sch life now....i study at my sch 5 yearss joRr lor...
in tis sch, i learn more n knw more nice frenss....
My LOVEly lao po-winnie
yee liNg
Neo yen
xiang fen
jiNg jinG
hui tiing
hui pinGg
and more ....but who tat i dun write ur name not mean u r not my frenss
but the frenss tat i write the name,is my best n special frenss...
thrr all caress abt me...thrr share all the hapiiiness,sad,surprise vf me
tis is the last year we study together lor....we must keep coNtact after we finish the form 5 ya
LOVE u all~~muacckzz^^
2mr is the last day for ourr exam...2mr exam for lovely subjeT o!!!hehess
after tat den go holiday tis holiday,ah ming go KL vf family ya...leave me aloneT_T
2mr after sch ourr mate n sc club gt activitiess o...Tresure hunt~the winNerr cn go borneo rainforest..kekes,i must win!!bcoss i want tat borneo rainforest...
tired recently...actally i want renew my blog yesterday the wireless line vry low..tat make me can't do it lar....kk...i want offline jorr~wan prepare for my favorite subjet exam..muai



today i wasS i din go sch..aLso din take for BM exam...

but wad can i do...???HaizzZ...Nvm oK...but reaLi sad cant taking it....
Bcoss BM is the m0st important subjet in sch...haizzzz.....dun think 2 much ler..
jus can oNlii say tatSs it is my destiNy><
yesterday i go sEe movie [LOVE MATTER]....i Realii cant forget wad the girl saiDd..
"NO LOVE♥ if NO SEX..?" i VerRi support it....Y must hv Sex....??Or Sex is equal to LOVE♥...??i dunnO wad is meant By LOVE♥...but i onLii know abt taTs Sex is not the meanT of LOVE♥....I no bf..but i hv a person tat i LOVE♥...i think he is My 1st LOVE♥ LOVE♥ start frm primary sch when tingkatan 5 until now lorHzz...
abt 7 yearss joR...lonG time ler^^haizzz...BUt he dun wan me lar....wad cn i do again.....???hahass


tis is ah ming help me edit ok..?
today is we go gai gai together...
but veRrri unluCkyly is our quarrel vf ouRr mum..
me is bcus of din tel my mum i wan go out so she is angry n scold me.........
n ah ming is quaRrel vf her's mum jux bcus of her'litter brother....
after my mum fetch me g0,she say u better go bck youRself ltr...
i dun caress,but finally she got fetch me lar..
if not hw cn i write blog n0w...
jux now we go see moVie
[Love Matter]
so nice ya^^
but i didn finish it lar
cos my mum ask me g0 BcK ler...
b4 me n ah ming go in the movie room,we saw curtis n frankie them...
thr alSo see a saMe movie
haizz....2mr start exam BM joRrr...
me din study ler...bcus i write tat all is abt our go out n shpping de...whr gt study
eRm....i think i will died lur...on tat stupid BM
my msn alwaYss blur blur jor...
alWaysss can't sign in...
wan throw it away lor...[tis stupid LAPTOP]
k lar...wan say bye ler cos i wan go sleep ler
write again next time^^
Gud night



DaMnn!!!昨天和啊敏去圖書館K 書~結果真的下雨了...我還淋到點雨耶...




雖然今年要SPM了~~~管他的!! 所謂船到橋頭自然maRhZz^^