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Hello blogger ! Hello readers ! 
How are you ? By the way, I'm pretty fine
so many post haven't updated including my KL trip
but I just don't know why everytime I facing my laptop and my blogger home page feel like nothing to write.
What's wrong with me ?

Lets talk about recent life :)
I have nonstop working recently,earn money is the most important one.
but all my money goes to my college ! *Fuck it*
need to pay for my repeated subject
I'm so poor but so many friends birthday in last month and this month. Oh goshhhhh! I'm gonna broke!
and I haven't update their birthday celebration post -.- 

22/09/2011 :
Today is my working day also. But so long never catch up any movie,so we decided to watch movie.
I missed out so many nice movie but no choice, I gotta work.
Finally end up with Namewee's film : Nasi lemak 2.0
But actually 2.0 stand for what ? version ? Like android market ? LOL

So nice & funny! We laugh all night long ! 
He is brave and creative person, good movie :)
and the Karen kong was too cute LOL -.-
Thicker eyebrow like shinchan 
But I love the song inside :)
So nice !!!! 

我需要你给的并不多,只要你能永远陪着我,去了解我的脆弱。倾听我沉默,手心太冷你会牵着我 ♥
我需要你给的并不多,一点温柔和你的幽默,你给怎样的生活,一起走,眼前再多的诱惑,依然爱我,简单的我想要的不多 ♥

So touching when I heard this song , totally Thumbs up ! :)
Awesome movie night ^^

Leo orientation located at GCM club, Miri.
Its a orientation which joining Miri 13's leo club . Is a very first time to saw so many leo members there.
have a wonderful and nice talks ! Love the speaker Lion Alan too !
Well done speech and song which make by him , so awesome =]

If you open this video and watch it out, you will realize inside got a lot of me ! LOL  *SPOT me ?*wink 
This song is really meaningful to all of us, feel free to click to listen it ya :)

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