Normal day


actually today is a normal day lerr
ntG special
so i oso dunNo wad i wan to write lerr
quite lazy n No mooD recently
my LuBbly subjeT-CHEMISTRY
onlii Get 15 marks
i think it is the lowest marks 4 me
OMG..!! when i get it tiS newS
i reLiiii feel wan cry N diED
hw come can get the lowest maRkss like tat?
i gt study hard o in chemistry
duNo y~

dun wan say abt the Exam ordiii
so sad abt tat
say somethingss hapiiiiiiii
tat sunday i go gai gai vf saraka err
so hapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii XD
we go watch movie warr
"THE WEDDING GAME" tis is singapore movie
not verrri niCe larr bt still okiE
when finish the movie we go starbuckss to drink lorr
so expensive warr But i lubb it My dRinks -Ice lattae
So nice warr but goT a bit bitter larr buT i like it
and den we keep walking n shopping arouNd lor
NTG special ger MIRI too small ><
me n saraka keep taking pic lorr still hvt upload
i orDy say lor
Damn lazy recently
we gai gai until 5pm++ arr
Saraka' mum fetch me bck lerr
hehe thx thx~
yesterday i sleep at 3am++
so so so so so TIRED warhz
bcuss me chatting vf alvis in mSN lor
we chat so manni things woh
haha We arE KEPO gang >.<
today dun wan anymore
make me tired=.=
ltr sayaka bcome a big panda in MIRI

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