my mum offday


today is wednesday
oso my mum's offday
mean today she didnt work lor
so didnt on9 jus nw
bcus we go out together until nw
jus come bck lorr
jus nw we go the shop tat was new open in today
in pasar thr
near APOLLO seafood thr
go thr 4 0urr lunch
stil oKie larhz
not verri nice oso not verrri bad XP
after tat we go 2 Starbookstore again
enjoy enjOy~
read comic[My hoBBy]
at thr a few hour ya

after tat we go eat dinner lor
go my mum'frens shop
Y we keep eating????
hahazz~ wan bcome more FAT?
den i saw the meSsage frm ah ming
she come Bck miri ordiii
n she ask me wan go 4 chung hua concert or not
chung hua concert in tis saturday worr
everyone must go 2 support it
bt i din go lar
cos no transport
stupid~tis is the disadvantaged tat we duno drive larr
must early go listen law n study driving
but actually reli expensive now warr
overall wan RM1000++
i m poor galzz
no money ya
y so expensive gerr???

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