Randomly + sad case


Yes , this is my recent look 
Totally no make up + spec 
So what ?  I m still me , Sayaka :)

As you see , In the photo I m wearing blue shirt right ?
That one actually is T-shirt from celcom .
Yea ! I m working for celcom broadband promoter for weekends only
cuz Holidays begin !
but i still too bored & no money to use 
thats why i decide to have work 
it just 2 days , short period 
but now my leg was pain like hell . WTF !
Standing too much for promote *
But i m so happy these two days cuz i saw a lots my old schoolmates & some handsome guy ! HOHO

In these 2 days , really happens a lots 
this case make me lost the confidence & trust between me & and all the Boys -friend
Because Miri was happen a big sad case last friday
A girl get raped and killed by the best best boy-friend.
OMG ! This really was a sad case !
The girl is just so young, just get her's SPM result 
how pity she are :(
I m quite sad too cuz she is a sweet girl 
and my friends - friend
Anyway , hope she can rest in peace 

And the guy should be go to hell not go to jail ! Mother fucker ! 
the guy really spoil and totally harm the girl's future .
MCH !  The murderer should be murder !

So guys , not to so trust anyone of them even do their are your bestie
you should always take the precaution
actually me too :(
just because of this case happen , my mum ban me at home
don't even allow me to go out
always make a call to me to make sure i m still safe =.='''
omg , i cannot have my freedom !
 This was so suck for me !
but what to do ? be careful is always the best !
Every blogger , do be caution to your bestie.
Don't let them got the chance to harm you =)))))



Time pass so fast , now is already march . March seem like to be a busy month !  Revision week and final exam is included in this month . I really feel stressful now cuz I don't know how to face my exam.
Awwrr ! especially Introduction To Finance is the hardest ! cuz my maths were so weak and i totally don't know what the lecturer talking about . Shit man ! I strongly feel that my finance is gonna re-SIT .but hopefully can be just re- SUBMIT . 

I was lost my job so suddenly because my boss is gonna end up their business .
Poor business and too many workers such as me .
SO what ? better i stop the job because this job i need to work until the midnight . Not enough sleep for me so I always late to the class.  But after i lost my job , I m so worrying because my money is really gonna out of budget , not enough to use nowadays . So , I m trying hard to finding my new job !  Hope the promoter interview will be successful ! God Bless Me !

March is the bad luck month for me ! I was lost my wallet on the 1st of March !  SHIT !
I got a lot of things inside my wallet . For example : IC , College student card , Maybank ATM card , Memorable photo , and lastly CASH MONEY !  * Luckily my cash is not so much , only RM 50 ++
and i was so angry and sad because i need to re DO my IC & ATM card .  It was so trouble. Grrrrrr.

Finally i went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to re DO my IC.  I was lost my wallet on 1/3/2011 , 1st day of march , and i go re Do my IC on 14/3/2011 , how busy I m ! 
our college start study break in this week thats why i have more time to do my personal stuff .
Monday (14/3) was my mum offday , so we decide to went JPN to do my IC .
When i reach there, it was full of people . As you see in my picture , no.sekarang : 2045, and my turn : 2062
i have to wait at least 10 person , and the staff was so slow ! I wait about 1 hour lately ! And when turn to me , the staff was telling me : You have to photocopy your student card and coming back later . I was so angry and shocked ! because later I m gonna wait for 1 hour again ? but what to do ?  Go photocopy my student card and taking new passport size photo for college lor . 

My new student card =.='''  My photo was so ugly . Zzz. After i go take photo & photocopy my student card , i go back to JPN again . Luckily this time not need to queue a long time. Around half an hour is done , but need to wait a month to taking new IC .

IC story end here , lets talk about yesterday . Yesterday my friend was intro a promoter job for me. 
and Pauline along too . When i reach the shop, they tell us boss didn't entrusted them anything about our job. What the hell she say ?! everything don't know , some more I also don't know okayy? 
and she was so Geh xi there talking cock , me & pauline are almost angry till the Maxxx ! 
Finally we decide to give up the job , cuz it is too rude and no entrust anything .   

CONCLUSION : March ain't a lucky month for me  :(

Insomnia !


Its 2:05 am now
I ' m the one who haven't sleep in my house
Keep on online
Facebook , Twitter , Blogger , Forum 
but with nothing to do , just keep on viewing and viewing 
How bored I m 
Boredom was killing me badly !

Imma so tired 
but can't sleep totally 
Insomnia 99 !
iish , why will like this ?
I want to fall as sleep please !
cuz tomorrow still have to wake up early to college
If i still haven't sleep at this moment i sure can't awake tomorrow 

So what to do ?
Force myself to shut down my lappie and go to bed 
So Good Night Everyone =)
do have a sweet dream ya !  xoxo ! 

Anyway , Japan is happening a big earthquakes now 
some more tsunami coming too
The world is really going to the end ? No idea 
hope for a better tomorrow 
May god bless japan 
and we pray for it too 

Btw, Received a good news just now !!! =)
We're gonna go for photoshooting soon !
Excited ! Hoho !
Thanks to everyone !




就是一直拍照拍照! =D

light make up :D
那个小子是很可爱,可是有时候很百厌= =
他是Pauline 最小的弟弟啦 =)

又来disturb我拍照= =

oops , 忘记拍下那里的风景 =___________=

当晚的菜单 =)

当晚我的 幸运抽奖号码

我们三个女孩 :)
左起: Pauline, Sayaka, Shirley <3

暂时是这样先 :D 下一篇见 =)

Happy birthday jing jing ! ❤

没关系,现在就来补贴 :)

所以就提早帮她庆祝咯 :D

所以大家,不要看可以直接跳过 :)

Winnie负责把她带上来 Food court
我们就在Food court 里准备
Hoho !

十九岁了哟 ^^
十九岁生日快乐哦晶晶 =)

切蛋糕啦 :D

Sorry , 有点 blur 掉! anyway , 许愿许愿 =)

久违了的和照 =)
他们全都是我的中学朋友 =)

因为四点还要赶下一场的学校leo 的活动

下一篇: 美里文华狮子会会长之夜



last Wednesday  was the unforgettable night  
i drunk like hell 
this is the very first time i know the feeling of drunk 
1 go so many liquor in the same time
may be long time no drink 
so damn easy to faint
plus i m really dance like party queen on that night 
but i m so lonely cuz i didn't meet up any of my clubber friends ! 
only the 3 girls who accompany me going along 

the guy who dance with me keep stand so close to me ==
What the fuck ! 
don't close to me cuz you are not him !
Don't touch me okayyyyy ?!

Actually i m not totally drunk 
i just can't stand properly 
almost fall down so many times
but i was so miss him suddenly 
then i crying out loud at downstairs
The other girl is already drunk like hell 
keep say want drink & dance some more
so we 2 keep bacchanal 
i was crying and she was want dance again 

LOL ! so paiseh ! don't know got anybody look at me or not ?==

Mr. K 
i do cry when i think of you 
i promise you before i won't go club if you are not around
cuz you say club for girls actually really very dangerous 
you say you worry me 
you say wish me beside you when you're drunk 
you say go there just for relax

How i wish you will there last wednesday night to take care of me 
when i getting tipsy 
when i almost fall down to the floor 
when i get hug by others guy 
when i tears drop
when i cannot stand properly
when i vomit 

All of all is i need you whenever , wherever !    

Mr. K , I still ♥ you however you treat me ! 
ya , i m silly ,i m fool 
but what do do , loving you is like breathing , cannot stop forever !

What the hell is i promises he & me quit club since that day
but seem like i back to club already
believe me ! I will reduce the time i go
3 month one time !!!! :)
wakakakakaaka !