hapiii april fool


everyone knw wad date today?
today is april fool warr
start frm morning i go 2 sch
tat crazy gang owes "kacau" me
cheat me n lie me
bt i wont angry larr
onlii in tis day ya
dun try tuu bully Sayaka
if not.....
u better be careful when u go out
bad bad narr><"'
n me oso keep lie them lar
winnie n yee LinG been cheated lor
m i geng...???hehe^^
funny day
when after sch
we stil hv ping pong trainning ya
so tired and hot
nvm larr
is okie
cos next wednesday the ping pong competiton was going on
ofcoss i gt join
bt i relii dono hw does the skill of ping pong
so must hv many and many traninning lor
reli tired recently
form 5 jorr marr
ofcus verri busy tis year
cnt alwayss go gai gai vf my ji mui ordii
less on9 n less renew blog
bt u all must wait 4 me ya
cant forget me even 1 minute
sayaka wan offline ordy
go rest n study

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