Insomnia !


Its 2:05 am now
I ' m the one who haven't sleep in my house
Keep on online
Facebook , Twitter , Blogger , Forum 
but with nothing to do , just keep on viewing and viewing 
How bored I m 
Boredom was killing me badly !

Imma so tired 
but can't sleep totally 
Insomnia 99 !
iish , why will like this ?
I want to fall as sleep please !
cuz tomorrow still have to wake up early to college
If i still haven't sleep at this moment i sure can't awake tomorrow 

So what to do ?
Force myself to shut down my lappie and go to bed 
So Good Night Everyone =)
do have a sweet dream ya !  xoxo ! 

Anyway , Japan is happening a big earthquakes now 
some more tsunami coming too
The world is really going to the end ? No idea 
hope for a better tomorrow 
May god bless japan 
and we pray for it too 

Btw, Received a good news just now !!! =)
We're gonna go for photoshooting soon !
Excited ! Hoho !
Thanks to everyone !

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