Its been a while


Its been a while since my last log in.
Times flies, last post I'm still confusing whether I should change the internship company or not.
Now I'm already going to finish my internship period, just left 3 weeks more.
I feel so lucky because I found the new company in the end before the internship period start.
New company is good if compare with previous one, good environment, good colleagues and other benefits :)

My job scope which is manage the employees annual leave, employees particular, calculating allowance, salary, overtime and etc. Besides that, Checking bank statement & doing bank reconciliation is also one of my job.
Hmm, this really drive me crazy because I do really hate checking bank statement and I hate when every time the bank reconciliation is not balance with the bank statement. But I do enjoy in this job and learnt a lots. Thanks my colleagues for always teaching me, Thanks for being so patient while teaching me because I really have no idea about how was the office operation, I don't even know how to fax omg -.-

Anyway, is a happy working. And April - June got so many public holiday! HAHAHAHA
means I can holidays so many days, this is what I craving for. lol.
Seriously need a vacation, I want sweet escape! #Justsaying
My life is full with working and working recently, nothing special about my life, but I do addicted to Instagram recently! Follow me in instagram for more daily picture :)  My Username : Rainie_C520

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I forgot when was it. I like this picture so much, even though my face is so damn round TT

Why can't cupid shoot himself with his own damn arrow just to feel how love really hurts. #Textgram

Hoegaarden is just not my taste. For me, I still prefer Strongbow

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香港艇仔粥 As brunch. Freaking nice :D

Piranha 3DD for my last flyday night. Hmm, not really nice as what I expected before zzZ.
And only one hour, for me its too short & too focus on loves story -.-

Beach republic with my gang! This picture is too dark but I still love it without any reason. HAHAH :p

Giant bowl of Sarawak laksa @ Imperial Palace Hotel, lunch time with colleagues ^_^
Thumbs up but too big for us lol

Steam the boat in the hotel room. Hotel party yay!

Happy birthday alex! Have a blast kay? :)
Hope you'll like the cake & the surprise that we given to you :)

With baby @Shirley_911 at the hotel room! Meet us in the hotel room!

This is what I always noted to myself in this reality world. #Textgram

Fried udon as lunch @ Double Star cafe. Not very nice for me :x

Had a hair cut this afternoon. So regret after I done it. My short fringe hair is back.
I'm so regret now, I miss my long fringe hair aww :(
So many peoples say my new look is so childish & like dao gei mui TT
My hair can you please grow longer & faster ? hmmph!

Thats all for a moment, good night blogger 

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