Memory between me n ming


Me N ming in My baobeii laptop

is the second day tat ah ming go KL jorr lurr

DaMN BORING ya miss her warrr

if not nobody accompany me go gai gai

n to do CRAZY thingss lor^^

Miss ourr memory ya~we r the best FReNN f0rr 7 years ordiii

I hope we can be a best fRenn togeTher worr

~~~ 7 years frenship foreveRR~~~

muahaha......our frenshIiip start frm primary 5 until now lor

actually we r not a fren when i

start study at ah ming class

bcuss i owes hear many ppl say tats she is a BAD GAL

muahaha...been shocked???

after me go be fren vf her i realize tat she is not a BAD GaL

jus onliii ah ming nt verri close vf other fren

n she not owess many ppl scaREd her

N owess talking BaD at her bacKk

bt i din dO tat larr bcuss i knw shirley is not a like them saying

after tat we go tution together

i more knw her again

i jus knw she r the gal so good,owess helping me

but i reLii dono Y manii Ppl wan owess saying her'bad

or taTsS ppl never do soMething bad

dUn say mine siSdarr again

GET OUT of ourr life


n so Ngam is if our last name comBinnE tat will be shirley full name

yit [Hui] + hui [Ming ]

den Willl bcome HUI MING lorr...

tat is shirley chinese full name lorr

n ourr english name oso Ngam nGam~haha

Shirley & Sayaka=SS/$$

haha^^duno is ngam or destiny..??

so we be a good fren start vf that funny thingss

until now lurr

i think she r the onlii 1 fren Tat reLiii knw me,understand me

MUackSss^.^ ming

we must travel togeter many n Many jorney

we must shaRe aLl our experience in ouR life

we must forever uNtil we Die scarey warr...unTil die~

LOVE uu [My best sisdaR]

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