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Being a real man doesn't mean you fuck 100 girls. Being a real man means you fight for one girl even when 99 others are chasing you 

We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong reason; one thing is sure, mistakes help us find the right person.

Ever felt like crying, but forcing yourself not to just because you told yourself to be stronger this time around

No new text messages, no new followers, no new DMs, no new notifications, nothing nowhere. FML, nobody loves me. wtf

Love is possible after friendship, but friendship is not possible after love.

# Random post


Find a heart that loves you at your worst, and arms that will hold you at your weakest..

He's not your prince charming if he doesn't make sure you know that you're his princess..

Spmetimes the girl who's always been there for everyone else, needs someone to be there for her..

Making a million friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.

In the end you'll see who's fake, who's true and who would risk it all just for you.

Good night all ! 
What a emo night !
#sweet dream :)

June birthday celebration bash !


I m super duper lagging ! Now i just realize a lots April baby around me !  A lot of friend birthday this month like bear , june , jason , kenny , Mr.potato , jeff & so on .
I m broke because of buying their present and the birthday cake ! 
Oh yay , almost forgot tomorrow we still have to help a course mate to celebrate his birthday at college . 
We already booking the cake . They are so rude , they actually want to make the cake shape as male productive organ ! Oh My Gosh ! Crazyyyyyy ! -.- 
Finally they change to a underwear shape cake -.-

Okay, let return back to the topic . 
Last thursday was June birthday :)  
We decide to celebrate with her like last year .
Pizza hut is always the choice :)  And it got the 50% discount for this month ! Teehee ! 

* The menu

* The menu 

50% discount set menu ! Save more ! =D
but since we are not really interest with the thursday offered . So we make another choice . 
We had order the set meal for one person which include one small pizza, mushroom soup , coke & the bread. 
Cost effective ! ;D
We 4 girls is order the set like this , and another 4 girls is order the group set .

our coke :)

My lovely mushroom soup ! Craving now TT

we use this the most ! Guess what ?! Cheese powder ! 
we drop a lot into our mushroom soup .
Diet plan failed ! :(

Me & the mushroom soup =]

And Finaaaaally the Pizza ! 

Tasty if add on this chili sos ! 

Spot the birthday girl ? HOHO ! is the girl with spec :) 
She make us laugh all the time =)

Pauline, annie & betty 

The bill ^^

I sit too far and no any photo capture with the birthday girl =(
Anyway , Happy birthday June ! 
Have a blast ya & Jesus love you ! hahaha ! 

Last year us  
unconsciously we already know each other for one year plus ! 
Glad to know to you  little red =) 
Friendship forever :D 

Jason Birthday celebration bash !

*What a chubby face ?!  I hate it so much ! Grrrrr .*
Jason 19th birthday falls on 24/4 this year , and the actual date we all are so busy working for PC fair 
Therefore, we plan to celebrate early with him ! :) Teehhee 

Everyone of us acting like no time to bother his birthday and look like not to want celebrate with him.
but actually we all got some planning to goes without telling him the truth 
Everyone love surprise right ? HAHAH 
First , we date him out for going parkson to shopping with us 
He didn't realize anything , we also act like nothing :X
and while shopping , I saw a choco shop which is new open beside Popular bookshop 
Craving for the choco strawberry all the time !

Does it look like shit ? Wuakkkkks ! hahaha !
but make me so disappointed  !
The strawberry just a little bit ! And it cost my RM5 :(
better i go KL genting crab for the fresh one ! Sure cheaper than this . LOL
anyway, i bet i won't go for it next time ! 

After that, we felt hungry and ask him brunch with us at 10 to ten cafe which nearby the popular bookshop
Actually we already standby a cake at there 
just want to force him go there XD
and we order the foods & drinks like normal , eat like normal ,chat like normal , pay like normal 
and suddenly shirley go for taking out the cake ! light the candle !
and we sing the birthday song out loud !
make him so surprise !  HAHAH ! That mean we are success ! teehee
it was so sudden . I saw him almost tearing out ! He say we make him so touch ! hahahah !

Photo session ;)

Happy birthday Bro !
wish you all the best & do take care always ! Someday you will found your beloved ! Just be patient =)

Busy cutting the cake into small piece :)

at last , only left the small piece like this . And him took away for his' sister at home.

Myself, Sayaka w/ him .

Pretty Annie w/ him.

Dearest Summer w/ him .

Darling Linda w/ him .

Bestie Shirley w/ him . 

Sweetie Michelle w/ him.

The GLGX gang ! 

Sometime people will ask what GLGX stand for . Actually it stand for Geh Ling Geh xi ! HAHAHA ;P
means that we are very proud :D
Proud to be ourself is not wrong , everyone is unique ! 
Proud of GLGX gang ! Love you guys :))) 

Lastly , Happy birthday once again brother ! Thanks for always there for us , and thanks for your avoid . Sorry if i always rude with you ! That is the way i am =)
Thanks to those who left, you made me stronger. Thanks to those who stayed, you showed me true friendship.





Shooting day ! 17/4/11


17/4/2011 is a very memorable day !
because this is the very first time for me experienced a outdoor photo shooting !
Thanks to my photographer friends :)
Thanks you so much for being whole day with us :)

The shooting held on 8am at lutong
so all of us overnight at shirley's house there
because more nearest to the lutong
wake up very early for make up
but still the same situation , we're late for everything
sorry yaa all ! We don't know why still be late , and we already try to wake up so early !

Done my dress up & make up !

w/ the loves summer ! Ready to go out and we're so late !

and finally reach lutong around 8:45 ! Sorry :(
and the sun is start to become very hot
but no others way , who ask we're late and missing the early sunshine ! T.T
by the way , we all forgot to bring & apply those sunblock lotion !
and lastly we get burned !  My skin was become so reddish until now =(

See ? especially my nose and cheek get burned so seriously !
Red in color like I apply the blush !
Next time , must remind myself to apply the sunblock first before going shooting -.-

after done shooting at lutong , we're going curtin university for next stop shooting .
curtin is so big !
from the learning building to their hostel is freaking far !
and I saw their hostel 's block named with sarawak places name such as similanjau, siputi and so on .
like a map xD
take a lot picture at curtin too !

Feel very hot and tired already
this picture taken by myself  and guess who at the back there ? HOHO
after curtin, we decided to go our next shooting stop - marina bay
but since we all are so tired and uncomfortable , so we go back home early
promise for the next shooting session again yaa ! xoxo 

i just have some photo to let you guys preview :)
Lets have a look =D

 this the most ! How was you guys thinking ? Feel free to drop your comment yaaa =)

Lovely sister 

I'm the fattest and the shortest ! Wuwu T..T

stop it here  :) wait I get all the photo sure I will upload here :)
Teehee =) Just wait !

For more photo , please like my page on facebook =]

Random post


I got a lot random posts recently -___________-
Yay, based many people's suggestion 
I had go for a hair cut 
cut back into my silly fringe hair again !
Suit me ? LOL 

Quite busy for this week 
Reopen school , sarawak election , get IC , shooting 

Finally 2 week holidays END 
and reopen school at this tuesday 
this is the 4th semester for us 
left last two semester already 
time pass so fast 
We 're going to graduate our diploma soon !
What subject as major ? 
Still haven't decide yet :( 
Any idea or suggestion ? Marketing better or human resources better ? 

Sarawak election is going to held on tomorrow.
The situation now seem like the DAP is getting more fans to voted 
They say MIRI need a change ! 
Nevermind, i support my SUPP still :) 
and what i would like to say is : Whoever is the winner I don't care, what I care is about our future.
Sincerely hope that the winner can bring us a peace & rich future 
Don't go anything rise price and etc !
So guys ! Do make your proper choice for tomorrow ! 
Vote for our futureeee ! 

HOHO ! Finally 1 month is pass ! Since last march post i have tell you all about my IC lost right ?
Need to wait a month to get it -.- 
Actually can get it yesterday already , but no time 
so go to take it today 
go take w/ shirley ,because she need to take it too 
lets show it to you my new IC XDXD


Nice ? I feel not bad lahh ! Teehee ! =) 

Photo shooting session on this coming sunday !
Keep raining these few days 
really hope that sunday can be shinny day as well ! 
The shooting session is the very first time :)
special thanks to the photographer ! Thanks my dear friends ! 
and the shooting time is very early 
hope all the girls which including me can be reach in time 
No worries ! I sure will share the picture here after i get it =)

I need suggestion !!!


Currently hairstyle :) so guys think this hair style suit me ? 
Or below ?

Every blogger or stalker , please leave your comment to vote which hairstyle suit me ? 
Which fringe hair is really suitable for me ? >< Thanks you !