school day-tuesday


today is normal tuesday
bt i get one news tat make me happy n crazy
teacher confirm me oso gt go to borneo rain forest ler owh
so hapiiii
01/05/2009 - 02/05/2009
jus onii 2 days n 1 nite nia
bt okie ordy larr
oso nt verrri expensive RM30++
today gt perhimpunan
wan go dewan to hear wad the stupid principal say
reliii a Bla Bla Bla
dono wad they say
damn hot n boring
the pp owes ask our dun talk
so sienss~cant talk oso cant sleep
SUX school~wad the hell @#$%/^&%#$@&*
========== i m middle line=============
when finish tis yr i wont come bck tis sch 4 again
after tat we are going to hv addmate lesson
i think recently our addmates teacher gt bcome gd n frenly
make our feel wan learn more in addmates
verrri difficult n hard to solve the question err
b4 tat her say cannot use chinese to explain
bt if all use english we reallii duno wad doesnt mean
we can jzt oni keep blur in tis subjet
so now is okie ordy
at least we knw the concept n try to score the easy part
hope our spm addmate will more easier den nw larr(teacher tel me da)
when finish addmate lesson,after tat is BM lesson
BM gt 3 lesson non stop de err
verrri BORING
she ask our do some rumusan n tatabahasa
we finish it faster den we go talk talk
and yee ling start eat the pringles(chessy favorite o)
i din eat cos my 喉咙要爆炸了
2mr start boys ping pong competition~
dunnO who is the winner 4 tis yr???

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