LuBbb my school LiFe


I luBb my sch life now....i study at my sch 5 yearss joRr lor...
in tis sch, i learn more n knw more nice frenss....
My LOVEly lao po-winnie
yee liNg
Neo yen
xiang fen
jiNg jinG
hui tiing
hui pinGg
and more ....but who tat i dun write ur name not mean u r not my frenss
but the frenss tat i write the name,is my best n special frenss...
thrr all caress abt me...thrr share all the hapiiiness,sad,surprise vf me
tis is the last year we study together lor....we must keep coNtact after we finish the form 5 ya
LOVE u all~~muacckzz^^
2mr is the last day for ourr exam...2mr exam for lovely subjeT o!!!hehess
after tat den go holiday tis holiday,ah ming go KL vf family ya...leave me aloneT_T
2mr after sch ourr mate n sc club gt activitiess o...Tresure hunt~the winNerr cn go borneo rainforest..kekes,i must win!!bcoss i want tat borneo rainforest...
tired recently...actally i want renew my blog yesterday the wireless line vry low..tat make me can't do it lar....kk...i want offline jorr~wan prepare for my favorite subjet exam..muai

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