Shooting day ! 17/4/11


17/4/2011 is a very memorable day !
because this is the very first time for me experienced a outdoor photo shooting !
Thanks to my photographer friends :)
Thanks you so much for being whole day with us :)

The shooting held on 8am at lutong
so all of us overnight at shirley's house there
because more nearest to the lutong
wake up very early for make up
but still the same situation , we're late for everything
sorry yaa all ! We don't know why still be late , and we already try to wake up so early !

Done my dress up & make up !

w/ the loves summer ! Ready to go out and we're so late !

and finally reach lutong around 8:45 ! Sorry :(
and the sun is start to become very hot
but no others way , who ask we're late and missing the early sunshine ! T.T
by the way , we all forgot to bring & apply those sunblock lotion !
and lastly we get burned !  My skin was become so reddish until now =(

See ? especially my nose and cheek get burned so seriously !
Red in color like I apply the blush !
Next time , must remind myself to apply the sunblock first before going shooting -.-

after done shooting at lutong , we're going curtin university for next stop shooting .
curtin is so big !
from the learning building to their hostel is freaking far !
and I saw their hostel 's block named with sarawak places name such as similanjau, siputi and so on .
like a map xD
take a lot picture at curtin too !

Feel very hot and tired already
this picture taken by myself  and guess who at the back there ? HOHO
after curtin, we decided to go our next shooting stop - marina bay
but since we all are so tired and uncomfortable , so we go back home early
promise for the next shooting session again yaa ! xoxo 

i just have some photo to let you guys preview :)
Lets have a look =D

 this the most ! How was you guys thinking ? Feel free to drop your comment yaaa =)

Lovely sister 

I'm the fattest and the shortest ! Wuwu T..T

stop it here  :) wait I get all the photo sure I will upload here :)
Teehee =) Just wait !

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Dar 说...

nicessssssssss chin....<3

CaiYun 说...

not bad, i like it! :D