Long time no updated my dead blog
will you guys miss me ? HAHA

I'm quite down recently,Actually I don't know what is the causes
Friendship ? Relationship ? Family ? no idea
I just know i was born this way . Wild, Stubborn ,Rude 
If you are my friends, my family you should understand me 
I hate the liar most ! I don't like my friends saying my weakness
If you got anything feel bad to me, just come in front me & talk to me !
Better than keep saying at the back !

Everything goes wrong now, Like all is my fault 
you guys just keep asking me those question ! I'm not her, how could I know what she thinking 
and please ! Comply your promises since you already promise !
but now you say cannot do that because of a lots of reasons
I know this is our problem, not necessary need you help us 
But remember one thing ! If you cannot achieve please don't promise me !

Yes, sometime I can't plan something perfectly
You is my friend ! you do not just support , some more still insult me !
This situation is like pouring the salt on my injury !
So call FRIEND ? wow ! sorry, i don't need this kind of friends :)

I feel we are getting less & less topic now 
we like ignore the others nowadays
go out also never invited 
sick also never caring 
So call FRIEND ? 
Lord ! I really don't need lah 

Single in relationship is better
Single in a friendship is also a better :)
No one can trust & depend on except yourself 
I'll be stronger =) 
and i would not like before keep quarrel & envy anymore 
because i just don't care anymore 
You ain't important for me anymore :)

* Sarawak election is getting more and more closer. Don't ask me which side I support , you guys should know what ?


Hope for a better tomorrow !

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