Jason Birthday celebration bash !


*What a chubby face ?!  I hate it so much ! Grrrrr .*
Jason 19th birthday falls on 24/4 this year , and the actual date we all are so busy working for PC fair 
Therefore, we plan to celebrate early with him ! :) Teehhee 

Everyone of us acting like no time to bother his birthday and look like not to want celebrate with him.
but actually we all got some planning to goes without telling him the truth 
Everyone love surprise right ? HAHAH 
First , we date him out for going parkson to shopping with us 
He didn't realize anything , we also act like nothing :X
and while shopping , I saw a choco shop which is new open beside Popular bookshop 
Craving for the choco strawberry all the time !

Does it look like shit ? Wuakkkkks ! hahaha !
but make me so disappointed  !
The strawberry just a little bit ! And it cost my RM5 :(
better i go KL genting crab for the fresh one ! Sure cheaper than this . LOL
anyway, i bet i won't go for it next time ! 

After that, we felt hungry and ask him brunch with us at 10 to ten cafe which nearby the popular bookshop
Actually we already standby a cake at there 
just want to force him go there XD
and we order the foods & drinks like normal , eat like normal ,chat like normal , pay like normal 
and suddenly shirley go for taking out the cake ! light the candle !
and we sing the birthday song out loud !
make him so surprise !  HAHAH ! That mean we are success ! teehee
it was so sudden . I saw him almost tearing out ! He say we make him so touch ! hahahah !

Photo session ;)

Happy birthday Bro !
wish you all the best & do take care always ! Someday you will found your beloved ! Just be patient =)

Busy cutting the cake into small piece :)

at last , only left the small piece like this . And him took away for his' sister at home.

Myself, Sayaka w/ him .

Pretty Annie w/ him.

Dearest Summer w/ him .

Darling Linda w/ him .

Bestie Shirley w/ him . 

Sweetie Michelle w/ him.

The GLGX gang ! 

Sometime people will ask what GLGX stand for . Actually it stand for Geh Ling Geh xi ! HAHAHA ;P
means that we are very proud :D
Proud to be ourself is not wrong , everyone is unique ! 
Proud of GLGX gang ! Love you guys :))) 

Lastly , Happy birthday once again brother ! Thanks for always there for us , and thanks for your avoid . Sorry if i always rude with you ! That is the way i am =)
Thanks to those who left, you made me stronger. Thanks to those who stayed, you showed me true friendship.





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