June birthday celebration bash !


I m super duper lagging ! Now i just realize a lots April baby around me !  A lot of friend birthday this month like bear , june , jason , kenny , Mr.potato , jeff & so on .
I m broke because of buying their present and the birthday cake ! 
Oh yay , almost forgot tomorrow we still have to help a course mate to celebrate his birthday at college . 
We already booking the cake . They are so rude , they actually want to make the cake shape as male productive organ ! Oh My Gosh ! Crazyyyyyy ! -.- 
Finally they change to a underwear shape cake -.-

Okay, let return back to the topic . 
Last thursday was June birthday :)  
We decide to celebrate with her like last year .
Pizza hut is always the choice :)  And it got the 50% discount for this month ! Teehee ! 

* The menu

* The menu 

50% discount set menu ! Save more ! =D
but since we are not really interest with the thursday offered . So we make another choice . 
We had order the set meal for one person which include one small pizza, mushroom soup , coke & the bread. 
Cost effective ! ;D
We 4 girls is order the set like this , and another 4 girls is order the group set .

our coke :)

My lovely mushroom soup ! Craving now TT

we use this the most ! Guess what ?! Cheese powder ! 
we drop a lot into our mushroom soup .
Diet plan failed ! :(

Me & the mushroom soup =]

And Finaaaaally the Pizza ! 

Tasty if add on this chili sos ! 

Spot the birthday girl ? HOHO ! is the girl with spec :) 
She make us laugh all the time =)

Pauline, annie & betty 

The bill ^^

I sit too far and no any photo capture with the birthday girl =(
Anyway , Happy birthday June ! 
Have a blast ya & Jesus love you ! hahaha ! 

Last year us  
unconsciously we already know each other for one year plus ! 
Glad to know to you  little red =) 
Friendship forever :D 

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