Random post


I got a lot random posts recently -___________-
Yay, based many people's suggestion 
I had go for a hair cut 
cut back into my silly fringe hair again !
Suit me ? LOL 

Quite busy for this week 
Reopen school , sarawak election , get IC , shooting 

Finally 2 week holidays END 
and reopen school at this tuesday 
this is the 4th semester for us 
left last two semester already 
time pass so fast 
We 're going to graduate our diploma soon !
What subject as major ? 
Still haven't decide yet :( 
Any idea or suggestion ? Marketing better or human resources better ? 

Sarawak election is going to held on tomorrow.
The situation now seem like the DAP is getting more fans to voted 
They say MIRI need a change ! 
Nevermind, i support my SUPP still :) 
and what i would like to say is : Whoever is the winner I don't care, what I care is about our future.
Sincerely hope that the winner can bring us a peace & rich future 
Don't go anything rise price and etc !
So guys ! Do make your proper choice for tomorrow ! 
Vote for our futureeee ! 

HOHO ! Finally 1 month is pass ! Since last march post i have tell you all about my IC lost right ?
Need to wait a month to get it -.- 
Actually can get it yesterday already , but no time 
so go to take it today 
go take w/ shirley ,because she need to take it too 
lets show it to you my new IC XDXD


Nice ? I feel not bad lahh ! Teehee ! =) 

Photo shooting session on this coming sunday !
Keep raining these few days 
really hope that sunday can be shinny day as well ! 
The shooting session is the very first time :)
special thanks to the photographer ! Thanks my dear friends ! 
and the shooting time is very early 
hope all the girls which including me can be reach in time 
No worries ! I sure will share the picture here after i get it =)

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