Sweet Steamboat dinner


How was this Photo ?
Light make up today 

But Raining whole day spoil my mood
Finally i had no hanging out for buying my stuffs
Because as usually 
Raining Make me Moody 
and not suitable for going out shopping
so i just stay at home until my daddy calling me
Around 6'o clock 
My daddy came down from brunei and come pick me 
and then go fetch my GLGX member : dar & Summer

The weather is so freaking cold
So we decide to having steamboat dinner
So we straight away go @ 快可利
Nothings much to talk ! So guys, Enjoy the picture :)

Side dishes from the steamboat set 


All of them :D

The girl - Summer

The girl - Dar 

And Finally , Its Me ! Sayaka 

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again !
Concentrate on the soup 
So HOT !

After we finish the steamboat set , is time to order some snack !
But my dad is not allowed me to order so many 
Cuz I am getting fatter & fatter ! LOL.
finally i just order this one, dumpling 
It was so delicious ! Really !  :D

Hmm, This girl is gonna eat up all ??
No way  !!!!!
So Yummy !!!!! 

Thats all for the day 15/1/2011 
Grrrrrrr. I am very cold now
Its been raining 24 hours already != =
Anyone can give me a warm hug ? Wink *
i Hope is You
Its a quarter after one i am all alone and i need you now :'(

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Dar 说...

kaka~~~~谢谢你老爸请客哦....真的非常感谢~~~~~~~muacksss...muacksss~~~ = 3=