Opps ! Sorry i am not pretty as you see =)

Tonight a raining night
make me miss you so much
So cold , can i have your warm hug ? It was so sad because it is impossible

I don't know other girls which same age with me would have same worries as me or not
Don't know why i am worrying about many things

For my study :
This one i am quite worry about it !
because i am totally no idea since the third semester started
i really cannot understand what the lecturer talking about
and yet i need to resit my FA1 & microeconomics after chinese new year
Keep on worry and worry !  Sigh *

For my work :
I know, its the time to stop it
because i am getting tired & cant handle my school work nicely
unconsciously, I am already work for my boss around half year
Time passed so fast ! 
but I will feel so reluctant if I am going to resign
But what to do ? crash my school time schedule =(

For my future :
Worry x 100 times !
Sometimes i really don't dare to think about my future
what i am gonna do next ?
what lifestyle would i having after i graduate ?
Stay at miri or other places ?
Human resources management is really suitable for me or not ?
Haisss, no idea

For my family :
Hmm, this one ...
i wish don't everyday argue with my mum
Do you know that ? We are almost quarrel everyday and just because of little things
Mum, i don't want our relationship getting more worst
worry we will getting fight someday 
Can we stop the conflict ? LOL
Daddy, i know you love you
you do all you can for me
Thanks for everything you give me !
i know this year i am gonna spend a lots money
cuz i am going KL for the coming july , and chinese new year , i need buy a lots of things
Really need a lots money !!!!! Rawwwwwwr !
but you give all you can, you never say no when i am saying i wan spend money to my trip
You still say want give me go China after i graduate my diploma 
But daddy , i Tell you !!! I don't want go China =,=
Anyway, Thanks for my famliy give me so much support ! ILY :)

For friends :
Sincerely , i got a lots of friends in my life time 
But what i care is not the number of friends , is the heart which always caring me  
Thanks you guys so much , I heart you all a lots 
Lazy to write out all the names , but you guys are always in my heart 
Dear diana & babe miiya ! I really wish to meet up both of you in the coming july !
Lord, give us a chance please ! =)

And lastly, For you, Mr.K
I hate the feeling when everytimes i close my eyes and i dreams you =(
Its too bad ! 
You know ??  Every morning when i wake up the first thing i do is missing you 
Do you heard that ! I am officially missing you  :'(
Recently, i am so worry about you 
always drink drank drunk ! Hmmph ! IHY !
Can you don't be so alcoholic ? 
Drink some is okay , but seem like u party like a rockstar and drink like a drunk ghost 
Weeeeeeee ! Stop it please 
I feel heartache when i know u doing that !
I still remember what you say before 
You say hope i can besides you to take care of you when you're drunk 
Hmm, i know that is no more chance for me to do that 
But however, can you promise me ? 
Take care of yourself more
Don't always hangover
Don't drink too much, alcohol is not water ==''' 
Its already a month that we had lost contact 
so its time to give up you ?
I really reluctant !  I can't forgot the sweet memory between us 
I never ever forget that is the sweet holidays for me because that time you always beside me :)
Anyone can telling me how to forget you ?  Haisssss
and see u so moody & Emo recently 
anythings happen ? I wish to share with you =(
But you don't even reply me my SMS 
How sad ?
Babyyy ! IMY so much !!!!!  but i think i already get out from your mind ='(
Big big SIGH !!!!

CNY is just around the corner .
But for me , i am not really got mood to celebrate it 
All peoples keep busy on buying new shirt , new skirt 
But i am just nothing 
No mood to shopping , no mood to buying =,=
But my dad is forcing me to buy it 
So, tomorrow is my shopping day -..-
Daddy say giving me money mah , then i sure buy a lots of things !

 Look like after cry ? teeheee ! 
Actually i am not lah :))))
Good night world 
& Happy birthday to my girl- friend !
Stella hii ming ming ! Happy birthday . Old lw XD 

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dar~blog的歌。。。。超有feel的。。。。很不错~~= 3=
不要再想多多~烦恼的事情了。。。尽量放轻松,去享受明天的shopping day......酱会更开心一些。。。忘记那些omo omo的东西~~过年要开开心心的过。。酱才对得起自己。。=)