Finally !


Finally i had meet up my babe bibi sister !!!!!!
You know what ??
we are didn't meet up for around half year already
since the day she left us to KL for study 
Rawrrrrr ! IMY so much

this two days keep outing with her 
miss all the moment spend with her
really miss her a lots =)
Seem she is founded her's right person in KL 
Blessing her all the best and hang fu all the time 

just now we hang out for whole afternoon
1st , i intro my friends to her 
which is summer & linda 
Xoxo :))
and spend whole afternoon in parkson 
went for movie 1st when we arrive parkson 
Homecoming ! ♥♥

Best movie ! =)
laugh & tear :)

i wish for the sweet chinese new year eve dinner like this =[
as in the movie , what they say is 
Even do can having family dinner everytimes , everywhere 
but having family dinner on chinese new year eve is very different meaning =)

The ticket for 4 of us

go to pizza hut after movie 
hey , i have been long time no enter to pizza hut 
summer & linda are so full cuz they having BIG MAC before the movie start 
so the pizza is just eat by we 2 ==
we order the new set pizza 
which look like chinese money @@

Look a like ? i don't think so =..=

My beloved mushroom soup ! 
I want add more & more cheese powder actually ==
but scared fat ==

Anyway, i cherish all the moment spend with my babe sister !
ILY ♥ mwaks !
And i wish to go esplanade with you tomorrow =(
Awwww !

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