Shopaholic ♥


♥ my new sun glasses 99 ~~~ HOHO
I am not alcoholic but a shopaholic 

I buy so many things recently 
cuz chinese new year sales bah 
so i was like crazy women 
buy a lots and a lots 

 lets intro some my precious boubuii to u all ♥
First : 
I bought a sunglasses 
actually i want buy since long time ago 
Finally You're mine ! Hiak hiak =P

Nice ? I like it much !!! ^^

Second : My new bag

Hoho , i bought it at merdeka mall
love it veryyyy much
i want buy a bag for long time already
and no one is suitable for me
finally i choose this =D

third : cosmetic . I bought a lots cosmetic recently
since when i need to make up everytimes ?

that day my friends tell me that Stage were having super sales now
So many things are just RM18
huhu , just like the foundation i buy
* look up ! that is the foundation ;D

The original price is RM 90
and now is just RM 18 !!!!
so i just straight away buy it =] hiak hiak
actually i buy the eyeliner also
but forget to taking picture =..=

and i still buying a lots things lah
but i totally forget to take picture
that day i bought the mask via online
DIY mask =DDD
i try last night
i feel not bad
not cheap erhh , RM 40 just for 200g =(
Nevermind , i hope it is useful


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Dar 说...


Man Ching 说...

u buy so many things!!!
this year i dint buy so much thing...cnt find sui me d thing~