Stop it !


Am i look freaking Ugly after i tie up my fringe hair ??
No idea 
But i like it much cuz feel fresh and no need to tidy up so much
so i just going out to everywhere with this silly look 
so what ? I just don't care
Back to my topic
Nonstop raining for 4 days 
When the lord can stop crying ??
You know ? If continue raining again and again
I will be no more clothes to wear 
cuz no sunlight to dry up my clothes
Then how ?? sent to laundry to dry it up ?
i wish too =(
But seem like all fully booked !
I want to shout it out loud !!!!!

another stop it i wish to tell my mum
Seriously ! Can we stop argue ???!
i hate the feeling everyday keep quarrel
Can you think of my side ?
Diu lei !
i am hard to do also 
even you are mum 
but didn't mean you are right i everything you decide
can you please give me some respect ?

Fuck up my life !!!!
i hate it veryyyy much !

rude ?
So what ?
Dislike me ???
Click X and fuck off from my area =)

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