Love Of My Life


Mr. K , You're the love of my life

Tears dropping down when i m typing now 
I thought times will bring away all the memory of you 
times will let me forget about you 
But actually NOT !

I thought forget you is a easy & simple things 
I didn't notice that you're so important to me 
I try to forget you with don't see your profile in facebook 
i try to forget you with ignore your picture in my phone
i try to forget you with not listening your sounds

But what to do ? 
Still same ? 
I am still damn missing you right now !
I feel more upset after i view your profile just now 
Seem like you got your dream girl which you wish to love, to protect 
I m so hurt when i saw that 
I hate that why that is not me ? =(

Besides that , i lost all the memory of yours in the phone
how sad i m ?
My friends try to cheer me up 
but i really cant stand for it 
I m just pretend when you guys with me
I m not strong enough actually 
i need someone shoulder =(

last time...
I really hope it is a last time i cry for you 
This is a lie !
I know it never be the last time 
but i m just keep hypnosis myself not to do that anymore 
Mr. K ! I miss you badlyyyyyyy !
Anybody save me ?!

 * 想你温柔的双臂会甜蜜的圈住谁?=(

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