Sweetness !


weeee , someone ! All you give me is just so sweet !
You sweet like a rocky !
Your sweet kisses
Your sweet voice 
Your sweet talking way
Your sweet action 
OMG ! I just so lovin it
Huhu =P
I am so happy recently because of you =)
Every time i talk about you, i will smile for it 
You bring me along the happiness 
you bring away the loneliness
you know ? I am trying hard to dont find you so often 
i scared i not used to if lost you in the future
i scared i getting worst 
so i am trying dont find you so often 
although i am so lonely all the time 
need you all the time

but you ;)
You light up my life , you give me hope to carry on 
you will contact me when i am so missing you 
you call me and always have a sweet chat with me
although you always hao fa fa , but its still so sweet =)
You will always make me happy 
you buy a digi number for calling me this digi user 
because normally you are maxis fans 
you will care me as more as you can 

yea, I am in love right now
but i dont know what 's yours feeling?
Many of my friends asking me is it we are in relationship ?
I just can answer them 
:'' no , we are not in relationship 
We are just in ambiguous status 
you are the one who i have so strong feeling which i want to have 
can you be mine ? LOL
i dont know 
if i asked you , you sure lie
 u wait me in the july 2011 =D
I want to go in front of you and ask you do you love me so ?
Awwwwwwww !

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