I miss the moment we spend together ♥


she is my only one babe sister :)

I m damn n damn moody recently
but i m hard to find a people to release my feelinq
no frens ? not , i m not
but it is too hard to find a suitable person to say it out
My bestie , my sweety , my girl is all leavinq me
they left me, to get the new life they want
is good for them , but i m quite lonely cus without them 
somtimes , i do realii feel i wan fly to KL too
to find them ,to travelinq , to start a new life at there
I hate it here sometimes , here brinq me a lots of effort 
a lots of stress , a lots of sadness
this kind of thgs realii drive me to crazy 
i wish i could become more selfish to myself
i hope i can never think about my parent's feelinq
I can go away without any decision , i can go away freedom
no need think too much in everythings
But the sad case is , i cannot do this 
I can not put down all, I am concerned about many things
I have a lots of heavy load , it is a very stressful
Family's problem , Fren's problem , study 's problem
Sayaka say : She realli wan leave here as soon as possible !!!!!

I admit tat I had a dream :)
but do u all knw , becus of the reality ,i give up so many thgs include my dream
I like to study  pharmacy
but my parent dont let me go Kl alone within 5 yrs
so this dream has broken by them ! T^T
I hate it here , I hate it here !!!!!
Girls , babe , I do reaali miss the moment we spend together !
Clubbing together , swimming together  , chatting together :'(

this is the moment cant replay anymore :(
photo is just represent tis happened b4 TT
jie , i miss u ! <3

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