We chgs a lot


I ♥ My Princess Nudy Gold lens !!

Missing you is the most thgs i done recently

Sorry ,yesterday i was too tired so no renew at all 
bt i m nt lazy agn ohh 


I m so happy recently becus i bck to blogginq life

I like this feelinq 

I like urs comments

I like urs pass by 

I like urs renew 

Blogginq is realii sumthgs can make me happy 

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~! ♥

But sometimes , when i m alone 
I willl still be emo -.-

duno y ?! may be i super duper hates the lonely feelinqs

izzit  i m Mercurial ???

ya , i oways admit that =P
I can be either happy or sad in 1 second @@

sot ? crazy ? ya !  I m ;D

I often wonder we changes a lots

from fizikal 

from mental 

from everythgs

is that gd for us ? i realii duno 

I knw i chgs a lot and a lots

but may be some gd 

but may be some bad 

U knw y ? 

now i become careless

in my opinion , careless is realii a great chgs to me 

cus I think they will feel my concern is superfluous

Then why do I care about it? People regarded me as a transparent 

opps , i m nt mention  anyone of us 

Before I could cry, be mad if u all ignore me

now i will just smile to cover it 

so what ? I dun wish to care anymore 

its redundant

year 2007 i thk =)

Shirley Yii Hui Ming !!!!

we chgs a lots oso XD ahahahaha

frm faces :D

Now ; in may :D

conclusion : WE CHANGE A LOTS ARRRRH !!!
hahahahaha =)

somethgs bad in my changed is i love to club recently

WTH -.-

is realii like a drug 

when i listen to the music 

my leg start shake 

my heart start itchy !!!

Fcuk !!* 

cnt control at all @@

bad ? may be :) 

cus sometimes realii feel a bit drunk n faint = =

and sometimes club is dangerous oso 

haha , reali chgs a lots n a lots 

some bad some gd :D

its all me =)

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