yuen lyn


tis post i m writing to yuen lyn
today is the special day n unforgettable day for her
bcus her's bf going to singapore to continue the hair stylish course
so lyn today sent him to airport
after tat she was cry until go boulevard
until ming oso knw den she tel me
she relii feel sad n alone
if i m lyn i will cry n feel wan died
no a short time err
a half year not half month
and then tis year we r going to hv a SPM
reli no time to meet vf him
haizz i feel pity to lyn
wan keep waiting for him
but actually all is valueable larr
cos him is relii Lubb her
so all is ok
not like somebody
say him will lubb u forever
bt actually all is lie
bt anyway
i dun wan yuen lyn to cry anymore
cos smile more suitable to her
lyn even u r hurt or sad
ur tat group sister and brother will owes besides u de izzit?
so plz rmb ur frenzz owes bsides u
dun become so sad liao
must be strong
yuen lyn 加油~

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