Time pass so fast , now is already march . March seem like to be a busy month !  Revision week and final exam is included in this month . I really feel stressful now cuz I don't know how to face my exam.
Awwrr ! especially Introduction To Finance is the hardest ! cuz my maths were so weak and i totally don't know what the lecturer talking about . Shit man ! I strongly feel that my finance is gonna re-SIT .but hopefully can be just re- SUBMIT . 

I was lost my job so suddenly because my boss is gonna end up their business .
Poor business and too many workers such as me .
SO what ? better i stop the job because this job i need to work until the midnight . Not enough sleep for me so I always late to the class.  But after i lost my job , I m so worrying because my money is really gonna out of budget , not enough to use nowadays . So , I m trying hard to finding my new job !  Hope the promoter interview will be successful ! God Bless Me !

March is the bad luck month for me ! I was lost my wallet on the 1st of March !  SHIT !
I got a lot of things inside my wallet . For example : IC , College student card , Maybank ATM card , Memorable photo , and lastly CASH MONEY !  * Luckily my cash is not so much , only RM 50 ++
and i was so angry and sad because i need to re DO my IC & ATM card .  It was so trouble. Grrrrrr.

Finally i went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to re DO my IC.  I was lost my wallet on 1/3/2011 , 1st day of march , and i go re Do my IC on 14/3/2011 , how busy I m ! 
our college start study break in this week thats why i have more time to do my personal stuff .
Monday (14/3) was my mum offday , so we decide to went JPN to do my IC .
When i reach there, it was full of people . As you see in my picture , no.sekarang : 2045, and my turn : 2062
i have to wait at least 10 person , and the staff was so slow ! I wait about 1 hour lately ! And when turn to me , the staff was telling me : You have to photocopy your student card and coming back later . I was so angry and shocked ! because later I m gonna wait for 1 hour again ? but what to do ?  Go photocopy my student card and taking new passport size photo for college lor . 

My new student card =.='''  My photo was so ugly . Zzz. After i go take photo & photocopy my student card , i go back to JPN again . Luckily this time not need to queue a long time. Around half an hour is done , but need to wait a month to taking new IC .

IC story end here , lets talk about yesterday . Yesterday my friend was intro a promoter job for me. 
and Pauline along too . When i reach the shop, they tell us boss didn't entrusted them anything about our job. What the hell she say ?! everything don't know , some more I also don't know okayy? 
and she was so Geh xi there talking cock , me & pauline are almost angry till the Maxxx ! 
Finally we decide to give up the job , cuz it is too rude and no entrust anything .   

CONCLUSION : March ain't a lucky month for me  :(

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