Randomly + sad case


Yes , this is my recent look 
Totally no make up + spec 
So what ?  I m still me , Sayaka :)

As you see , In the photo I m wearing blue shirt right ?
That one actually is T-shirt from celcom .
Yea ! I m working for celcom broadband promoter for weekends only
cuz Holidays begin !
but i still too bored & no money to use 
thats why i decide to have work 
it just 2 days , short period 
but now my leg was pain like hell . WTF !
Standing too much for promote *
But i m so happy these two days cuz i saw a lots my old schoolmates & some handsome guy ! HOHO

In these 2 days , really happens a lots 
this case make me lost the confidence & trust between me & and all the Boys -friend
Because Miri was happen a big sad case last friday
A girl get raped and killed by the best best boy-friend.
OMG ! This really was a sad case !
The girl is just so young, just get her's SPM result 
how pity she are :(
I m quite sad too cuz she is a sweet girl 
and my friends - friend
Anyway , hope she can rest in peace 

And the guy should be go to hell not go to jail ! Mother fucker ! 
the guy really spoil and totally harm the girl's future .
MCH !  The murderer should be murder !

So guys , not to so trust anyone of them even do their are your bestie
you should always take the precaution
actually me too :(
just because of this case happen , my mum ban me at home
don't even allow me to go out
always make a call to me to make sure i m still safe =.='''
omg , i cannot have my freedom !
 This was so suck for me !
but what to do ? be careful is always the best !
Every blogger , do be caution to your bestie.
Don't let them got the chance to harm you =)))))

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handsome boy lagi..=..='''
..RIP to tifanny..