Industry visit to Marriot hotel


Our group photo :)
with all the classmates include 30C and some senior + marketing lecturer
That day our lecturer plan to have an industry visit
to let us know more about the company's situation
and how does the business runs smoothly
So, our group around 45 people follow lecturer to take a look

I arrive school in time
and gossip with the classmates at downstair
and finally start going on 10:30 =.='''
when we arrive there, we been divided into 2 groups
Group A & Group B
i am in group A
so group A start to listen a talk 1st
The speech is about the Marriot hotel history
Available jobs and also the benefits if being their staff
and group B start to travell all the hotel 1st
about half an hours , the talk is almost finish.
the leader from group B is come and take over us to visit
First of all , we go to the laundry

this 2 fat seahorse is the picture that draw on the wall of the laundry
So cute right ?? ~ :P

a lots of washing machine
washing all the bad sheet and the curtain in the hotel

 inside the laundry =)

they using the giant iron machine to iron the bad sheet and all those things

still got a lots they need to iron
after laundry visit , we continue our journey to kitchen
even the name called kitchen
but also got a lots of department
such as asian food department
bakery department n so on

doing the chocolate ;D

doing unknown buns :P
hiak hiak !

next, we going to restaurant

different dishes

the staff teach us how to do the napkins

outdoor swimming pool :)

Dar & I <3

508 ! Royal suite =D
this royal suite cost one night RM 6000
is just available for V.I.P
it is damn big !!!

the member from 30 C in group A

The photo i most love in the day =)

Finally finish the visit =)
gain a lots of knowledge ^^
7 girls

That's all for the day ! Its time to sleep ;)
More photo ?? add me in facebook to take a look =]

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