Quick updated


Domo : awwwwwwwwwww ~ ♥
This  is just the simple updated for me
Recently, i am so busy
busy rushing my marketing ass-ignment 
busy doing volunteer for world vision child sponsorship
busy about my work
busy for watching drama 
actually i also dont know busy for what?!
but i only know that I m so busy recently! =.=
Well, this afternoon our group is rushing for the ASS-ignment 
finally we done in time ;)
I know i gt a bad temper
but in case u all done the work perfectly , i won't blame on anyone
I really so worry about our assignment 
done lately and i scare it might lost some part
but whatever, i don't care anymore
cause already hand in
we just can do well in presentation.
Except that, we still got slide shows haven't start do yet 
and a lots of work is waiting for me 
Sigh ! next , we still got managenment assignment need to hand in after this week.
Really worries and don't know what to do in my study


Last night i din go for work
because this few days i m more and more tired 
actually we go to eastwood valley in 6pm ++
but after all we go there , there are so HOT !
There have no chair to sit even the table to put.
That's why we decide to go 
Finally we follow the traveling bus to go bck boulevard
after that we plan to SING K
we decide to go sport cafe have a singing night
then really crazy at there
LOL . My lovely dar is almost drunk ! 
She drank 2 glass of beer =X
i really scared today she cant awake 
but fortunately , they can awake =D

I not drink more so i din feel anythings

but that shirley yii also hah = =
drunk lw , cincai talk ! :S
been bully of all the crazy gang ! LOL.
pity me T.T
anywhere, its a good good night for ME ~ ♥
We keep on sing ! We keep on drink !
even is not clubbing , but happy so =) 
Wuuuuuhuuu :D

okays ! :)  Its time to stop it here, waiting for my next post ya ~
Good night pees =]

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dar~♥ to sayaka~♥>>>首先呢~~~恭喜kaka终于搞好了你们的assignment~~~真的是可喜可贺。。。。哟呵呵呵呵呵呵。。。。。= 3=
hehehe.....那天sing K♥真的很high哦~~~哈哈哈哈哈。。。。(还有~我没有醉哟)哈哈哈哈。。。下次~~有空一定要一起去哦~~♥。。。muackss~~~~