Mum ,


又有谁看的到我的泪 ?

sometime even do myself oso cant understand well myself =s
LOL , realii a big joke i ever seen
i clearly know that frenship is owes important to me more than family relationship
becus i oways get less family care
so gradually i will careless n hopeless to this family
since i m small , u 2 is divorce
den is anyone thk of  my feelinq ??
care my feelinq ??
NO ONES !!!!  I TELLS U!!!!
u 2 is so selfishly doinq ur decision 
bt , b4 u make ur decision hv u 2 concern abt me ???
LOL , i thk dun hv 
n u , is becus of small n funny reason den decide want to divorce 
if u care me , u wont broke up this family !!!
mum n dad , i realii love u 2 
not eccentric to others one 
i knw u 2 is very care for me n loves me too
wadever i want , u 2 oways try ur best to gv me 
such as money 
such as laptop
such as new fon n etc 
bt mum , can u try to set me free n less scold me ??
freedom , is the important thgs in my life
witout freedom , i could die =s
so set me free n dun worry =)
n try dun oways n oways scold me 
i dun wan our relationship bcome more n more worse
i love u the way i can =)
so let it be , start the new life frm now on !!!

try to happy n dun emo :D hahaha !

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