I love my January, aren't you?


So many post haven't updated yet, and I don't know where should I start lol
so I just decide to make it random post in January, here we go!

Steam the boat @ Q Steamboat. So many mussel ate by us! HAHAHA. Yummy!

All the way from Taiwan. Friend bought in Taiwan and luckily we get some. Condom & Plaster Sweet :)

Get my new hairstyle before CNY. Had straighten it and cut it off. Suit me? I miss my long hair enough ):

Saw my new necklace? Its my name! Love it very much, Thanks mummy :D

Nin 29 Lou shang at Sea world restaurant. Had reunion dinner with family.


Reunion Dinner night look :)

With my cousin. Teeheeee

And myself! ;)

So many firecrackers in my house area. Especially my neighbor, the sound so effing louder lol. Btw, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone :*

hehe first angpao get from my beloved daddy, Daddy ILY always <3

First day of CNY,with family ;)

Second day of CNY, With secondary school mates =)

I look so pale without the make up -__-

The 7th day of CNY, with another bunch of secondary school mates :)

Gamble at shirley's house. So many peoples gambling at her's house, she say like casino wtf HAHAHAHA
So called 烂赌二 XD

back to working on Chor 3, I'm still in holiday mood in that time.
Well, I still have to face it, no doubt, working and studying is always have to do in human's life.
Happy January ! XOXO 

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Man Ching 说...

yes!i love my january too~

and now~i love my feb~♥ ♥ ♥