Bryan birthday bash !


Happy birthday Bryan @ Ah pooh !
His birthday are exactly same date with my lovely grandma :)
falls on 04/06 , Happy birthday for both of them !

04/06 exact date , we all are busy on our own stuff , I need to help my grandma celebrate it
So we decided celebrate early for bryan :)
we decided t 883 steamboat for his celebration ! :D

I've trying this new hairstyle ! Tie up like this suit me ?
Waiting for my driver to come fetch me ! :D
Actually I thought is yang yang come over to fetch me , how I know pooh pooh is coming to fetch us !
OMG ! We're light bulb ! Cuz his car only got us and his gf -.-

And after an half hour , we reach there ! 883 steamboat !

This is my second time been there ! A lots of choice & reasonable price .
but don't know why , every time I go every time I was stomachache finally :O
My friends never  , so weird !  #weirdo

Pooh pooh's friends were all arrive there =)
some I know , some don't know . Anyway , glad to meet you all =)
Show you guys some picture of the night !

Thats all for the steamboat night ! Sorry for not buying cake for you :(
Something unhappy happens ! Skip Skip Skip ! Don't wanna think about it !
and after the steamboat , we decided to go for second round ! Beach here We come !
The very first time to go beach on 10pm ++
thought will no peoples in the time , but actually I'm wrong . Still got a lots people mostly couple :)
We 3 girls & 3 boys going too , are we 3 pair of couple ? LOL , HAHAHA
Do nothing there , Chit chat only ..

After the 3 boys going back , its GIRL time !
we going barcelona bar & lounge for continue our 3 rounds ! Woots :D
Anyway , Happy birthday Bryan @ pooh :D
Hope you like it the card , Thanks for your talks always :)
Glad to be friend with you and thanks for always been bully by me , Happy birthday brothers !

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