#Pyjamas night !


Last saturday was a good good night !
Balcony were organized a pyjamas party !
First time feel so weird because never wearing sleeping pyjamas for clubbing =.=
but this is a fresh try ! Not bad too , first time clubbing with pyjamas + fully make up ! HAHAHAHA
But i have no sexy pyjamas so I decided to wear my cutie cow pyjamas :D

We are following clara's car , done my dress up on 9 something , and going balcony around 10 .
Everyone going up must have this stamp LOL

Woots ! Clara's were so sexy ! Super transparent :D

Sexy bitch ! Don't you guys know who are her ? She is my housemate & classmate =)
She is freaking sexy & pretty :D

Me  & her's friend . See ! All of them so sexy and yet I m cutie pyjamas -.-
In this picture , My darl disappear  ! She hide behind me ! =,=
In this time , we were still waiting for the shirley & summer , late queen ! -..-

And we keep waiting and waiting . Balcony is getting more & more people . Finally they reach in 11 something ! KNS

And we start the PARTY !
Time to chilling <3
We're dance like the last last night of life ! Step it on the dance floor !
Meet a lots dancing queen on the dance floor too =)
long long time clubbing once make me feel good !
hope to heard got next theme event :D
See ya party peeps !

COUNT D.O.W.N : 48 days to go ! KL here I come =D

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