Sorry for the late updated 
Chinese new year is almost end but i havent updated my post about my cny
how lazy m i  !
but please let me to updated my valentine 1st  =]

As you guys know , i m single 
no lover , how to celebrate valentine's day ?
Nevermind , i still got my sweet girl accompany me to celebrate it the single valentine
but sincerely , i m so envy those girl whose received the red roses 
so touching man !
And come with a lots present such as gold ring , levis jeans =x 
OMG ! so rich ! all those present are so expensive !
but worth & sweet =)

and i saw many couple are dating and having their sweet dinner 
I want too 
i just simply wish you by my side at that time
no need flowers , no need sweet dinner
no need expensive present 
no need all of that 
diu ! EMO till the max !!!!

how i wish to call you 
how i wish to heard your voice
how i wish to be with you 
how i wish to celebrate with you 
how i wish we can exchange the valentine's present
how i wish you will give me surprise 
how i wish it will be the sweet sweet night 
how i wish this will be the lovely memory 

how i wish all is you 
but you've break my heart ! i saw your relationship status changed !
from single to in-relationship =(
it hurt me deeply ! 

I really really hope next year valentine i wont be alone !

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