Last & First


Happy New Year Everyone! Wish everyone got your well begining for 2012 :)
Okay, let's I flash back to yesterday, the last day of 2011.
I'm blast because I got the wonderful new year eve yesterday, how about you guys? 
Actually I'm not really in countdown mood but don't know why I just don't want to stay at home.
So finally I'm going out with my babes. This is the first year that I didn't celebrate with my BFF.
But even we're out, still don't know where to go. No plan at all wtf , traffic jam everywhere pfft
finally we came to alfresco :D
but its also same, full of peoples :O The amount of peoples is craziness! We even can't get a sit 
That area is really flood of peoples same to cherries berries & balcony too. Finally We change to Party block.

My very first time at Party Block. Saw one of my old blog friend. She is pretty! :D
and we are at upstairs there.hmm, not bad I like the environment but seriously I dislike the song that played by the deejay.
dance floor full of peoples while the countdown moment is near. Finally its 12am, yay! 2012 begin! Fireworks everywhere!
After countdown, we head to town area for supper. But so suddenly, my colleagues call me up and pick me to 3rd round.

Finally! Another beer & sing K session @ Season 

By the way, we couldn't finish all. 

Y'all know! Its time to cam whore !

Simple outfit and totally without make up.

Tangdang! Close up! See my hair color ? Yeah this is the new color that I paint on my hair ._. My very first try. how? Does it suit me? Hmm, I think not bad but my hair Y U NO become more purple?! 
#Goodbye my golden hair. I miss you so much :'(

This is the last day of my 2011. Goodbye!

And for welcome our 2012, we had decided to have sing K session again in today with another bunch of friends  @ The Terminal Miri.

So many pretty girls right? Except me LOL

Seriously in love with my BETTY bitch! HAHAHA. I want to go your home DIY my nails again :D

I like this picture too hehehe. With new friend, Hui Jun. She is a friendly & pretty girl. Nice to meet you sweetie :)

Lastly , with my dear annie. She is sweet & nice girl. She really suit this new hairstyle ain't? Btw, ignore my fatty face thank you! haha

Anyway, a happy begining of the 2012.
that's all for my last & first day. Happy New year once again!

Song of today:

You didn't notice, you mean everything.

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