Suddenly found out some random picture in my lappy, remind me all of the memories (:

Suddenly founded this picture hahaha! If not wrong the picture taken on this year february or march. With babe bell while working as celcom promoter! Last time me still with my silly fringe hair :D

Sing K time with the girls. This pretty girl named Yumi. Sweetness smile she got :D and me without the lens -.-

Woahhh! Snow the flakes! Miss this so much. Having this when we trip to KL, meeting a bunch of friends in KL and heading to subang SS15 to enjoy this. Yum yum :D

While wayne gor's birthday. Had fun on that night and do enjoy so much! Happy 21th Birthday :D

I still remember this is the time when my eyes injured :( Got some flies fly into my eyes. Damn it pain! #avoid from sunlight

On my birthday eve. With my darling and another colleagues. Thanks for helping me celebrating my birthday. Love you guys. XOXO

Still got a lot and a lot. I do promise sure got the part 2 alright? AHAHAHAHA
lalalala~ Stay tuned :D

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