Rehearsal :)


Don't know why today feel want to write an english post
may be because of I've been long time didn't have any english post :P
The time is nearest to the prom night
our prom night held on this coming Friday
our class has a performance in the night 
we are going to perform sign language
combination of 2 song 
today our perform group which included 8 girls :)))
going to imperial hotel to make a rehearsal

so and so messy just now ! 
but finally we are done by helped of many senior =)
I feel so nervous cause will be so many people on that day 
and i scare my action might wrong
Anyways,all girls ! I know we can do it ;)
believe yourself especially summer <3
jiayousjiayous !!! 
Love you all girls =D
Do our best ~~~

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